Kiksasa's Game-Changing Partnership with Justworks Empowers Startups Beyond the Desktop

Mar 1, 2024

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In a pivotal move to reshape the startup support landscape, Kiksasa announces a strategic partnership with Justworks, the leading authority in HR and compliance services. This partnership heralds a new era for startups, offering unprecedented access to vital services crucial for growth and sustainability.

At its core, this collaboration between Kiksasa and Justworks is designed to address a fundamental gap in the startup ecosystem - the need for comprehensive health insurance and wellness benefits that cater not only to the founders but also to their team members and families. In today's competitive environment, the well-being of a company's workforce is not just a perk; it's essential for maintaining the frenetic pace of attracting and retaining top talent.

"Our partnership with Justworks supports our core belief that startups need more than what the traditional SAAS app would provide. Success is not just about having the right apps on your desktop; it's about having community. It's about caring for the full person and their families. Justworks is the ideal partner to help us address the full needs of our customers well beyond any other company in our space," explains Kelly Flynn, Founder and CEO of Kiksasa, the first SuperApp for the startup community.

The implications of this partnership are vast. Startups, now more than ever, require robust platforms that offer not just operational tools but also a support system that acknowledges the human element of running a business. Kiksasa, with Justworks by its side, is positioned to be that holistic solution. From HR, payroll, and compliance to health insurance and wellness benefits, this collaboration ensures startups have the foundational support needed to thrive.

About Kiksasa

Kiksasa paves the way for a new chapter in startup support with its innovative SuperApp, designed to meet the diverse needs of the startup community. From operational tools to wellness benefits, Kiksasa embodies the future of comprehensive startup nourishment.

About Justworks

Justworks takes the complexity out of HR and compliance, providing startups with the services they need to grow confidently. Offering a range of solutions from payroll to health insurance, Justworks is a beacon for businesses seeking to build a solid foundation for success. For more information regarding Justworks, please visit

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